Ash Release

With Ash by your side and the help of our upgraded Insights page, we're sure that you'll catch all those users. You can now compare your apps' downloads, ratings and versions with other apps across Catappult partners stores and third ones. You can also see how your downloads and ratings evolved over time across those same stores.

More improvements and bug fixes:

  • App info edits require Catappult admin review
    Now, when you change your app info, we'll need to review it and a message will appear on the app view to let you know your changes are pending review.

  • Pending apps won't show the languages and media on app view
    When you submit your apps using our manual process we'll need to approve your app and info. Because of this your languages and media won't be visible if you select an app that is pending approval.

And that's all for this release. We'll keep you posted!

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The Catappult Team