Bayonetta Release

In this release, Bayonetta, an agile and magical fighter, brings you the power to see the history of your apps' versions across Catappult partner stores and third ones. Just log into the Catappult Console and select App History under the Insights menu.

More improvements and bug fixes:

  • Better app suggestions on App Comparison in the Insights page
    Now, when you add and app to the comparison table in the insights we'll suggest three competitors based on the top of the category of your app.

  • Latest blog posts on Insights page
    We've added links on the Insights page to articles of the blog Cowboys and Developers to give you even more insights into the Android app market.

  • Withdraw funds now supports non IBAN accounts and PayPal
    We now support the withdrawal of funds to a bank account using non IBAN account number formats. We've also added on the developers' console an option to withdraw funds to a PayPal account.

  • App filter on transaction list
    Now, on the balance page in the Catappult Console, you can filter the transactions on the list by app.

  • Lords Mobile case study on the Catappult Portal
    We've released a case study about the enormous success of Lords Mobile in our platform. You can read all about it here

And that's all for this release. We'll keep you posted!

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