Cloud Strife Release

Cloud Strife, a skilled swordsman, is here to bring you the ability to export data from the Insights pages in CSV format. You can add any apps you want to compare on the Insights page and click on the link "Download app comparison data" to get all info on a CSV file.

  • Better app status info on the Drafts page
    Now, when you submit an app and while we are processing your app files, we'll let you know on the Drafts page of the developer's console that we're doing our magic.

  • Balance page transaction history CSV download optimized
    We've improved the functionality to download a CSV with the transaction list on the Balance page of the developer's console.

  • Improved account password security
    We've added new rules to the creation of new account passwords for them to be more secure.

  • User Boost case study on the Catappult Portal
    We've released a case study about the User Boost potential of using Catappult to distribute your apps. You can read all about it here

  • Lords Mobile case study in Simplified Chinese
    Our Lords Mobile case study in simplified Chinese is now live. You can check it here

  • New videos on our Youtube channel
    We've added two new videos on our YouTube channel. One explaining all the features you can use in our Insights and other about how quick and easy it is to create an account and submit your first app.
    Insights - How to Compare Your Apps With the Competitors: Watch Video
    How to create an Account and Submit Your First App: Watch Video

And that's all for this release. We'll keep you posted!

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