Cortana Release

It’s time for the latest Catappult Release. This time Cortana (the original one) was our assistant to help us taking Catappult to a whole new level. 
We kept working on improvements to ensure a top-notch experience for every user. In the last couple of weeks, we focused on ensuring that everyone has access to Catappult, no matter where they are or which device they use.

  • Full Mobile Experience on Developers Console
    Now, you can view your data, manage your apps, or even add new ones right from your smartphone. The Developers Console is fully ready to be used on mobile devices.

  • Catappult Just Got Faster
    We are committed with global access to Catappult, and to do so, we just made under the hood improvements faster than will make Catappult faster than ever. These improvements can be specially noted by our userbase in China.

And that's all for this release. We'll keep you posted!

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The Catappult Team