Vendra Release

"Powerful. Cold-hearted. Insane." Vendra Prog is without a doubt the most dangerous criminal in the galaxy and she's here to bring you two new stores: OPPO and Vivo. That's right! You can now reach even more users by distributing your apps on these two additional stores.

More improvements and bug fixes:

  • Faster App View
    We've improved the loading speed of the App View page on our developer's console.

  • Filter data since the account creation
    Now, on the date filters across our developer's console, you'll be able to select "all-time" to set the date filter to start from the account creation date.

  • Insights for stores
    We've added a new section on the store's console with insights about all apps distributed on Catappult. You can see the top downloaded, top revenue, and top trending apps.

  • Stability and performance improvements on the store's console
    To improve the user experience of our store's console, we've made various bug fixes and layout adjustments.

  • Portal content updates
    We've improved the secondary pages of the portal to give you more information on our revenue share and how you can integrate our payment solution. You can check them here:
    Revenue Share
    Easy Integrations

  • Improved menu on mobile
    Now, our website menu on mobile includes all the main links to our pages, to give you quick access to all the info.

  • Use the Catappult console on desktop
    We're informing all developers who log in on our mobile site to use our desktop version for better user experience, since our console isn't optimized for mobile. We're working on it. 😉

  • Contact us faster
    Now, if you click on a Contact Us button or support link on the portal it'll open Intercom so you can easily drop us a message and get a quicker reply.

And that's all for this release. We'll keep you posted!

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The Catappult Team