Wario Release

Out of the Super Mario world comes Wario with its strong and hot-tempered attitude to bring you a new process to manually submit your apps. Now we'll ask you to fill in and submit all information about your app, as well as uploading all app files in one go. This will help us speed up the approval process, so your app is distributed as quickly as possible.

More improvements and bug fixes:

  • Amends to the app metadata editor
    From now on, if you want to edit the metadata of apps submitted using our automatic process, you need to edit it on Google Play and we'll fetch them for you.

  • List all md5sums for a package
    Now, on the App View page of our developer's console, the dropdown for the app versions will also show the first characters of the md5 number, to help you distinguish them.

  • Dashboard filters and date picker fixed on top
    On the Dashboard of our developers' console, when you scroll down the page, the filters and date picker stay fixed on top of the window for easy access.

  • Notification when generating the CSV
    When you export a CSV with the transactions on the Balance page of the developers' console, we'll let you know that the CSV is being generated in the background.

  • Load more notifications
    Now, when you open the notifications on the developers' console we'll show you the 10 most recent ones. You can click load more to view older notifications.

  • Revenue share changed to 75% and campaign creation fee changed to 10%
    From April 2nd, our revenue share from in-app purchases changed to 75% and our campaign creation fee was updated to 10%.

  • Unsubscribe from non-essential emails
    Now you can unsubscribe from non-essential emails by clicking the link unsubscribe on the footer of one of these emails or by going to your account settings on Catappult.

  • Mobile portal bug fixes
    We've fixed an issue on mobile that would automatically scroll down to the end of the page when you opened the signup page.

  • Updated Developer's Distribution Policy
    We've combined the Terms of Service and the Developer's Distribution Policy into one single document. You can check it out here.

  • Updated Store's Partners Agreement
    We've updated our Store's Partners Agreement to make it more clear and easy to understand. You can check it out here.

  • Unity Partnership is over
    We're sorry to announce that our partnership with Unity has come to an end. It's been a very fruitful experience that, for business reasons, we've decided to end. If you distribute your apps on Catappult via the Unity Distribution Portal, you should have received an email to create a password so you can enter on our console and continue to manage your apps.

And that's all for this release. We'll keep you posted!

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