Xianghua Release

In this release, Xianghua, an agile and skillful fighter, is ready to protect your account with increased password security. Now when you create an account or reset your existing password, you must add a password with a minimum of 15 characters, including numbers and upper case and lower case letters.

More improvements and bug fixes:

  • App metadata on manual app submission
    Now when you manually submit your app, we'll ask you to add all the app metadata on the submission form to speed up the approval process.

  • Notification about missing split types
    If you upload an app bundle that's missing split types, we'll let you know in the App View for you to upload all the files again.

  • Clear manual app update process
    We've added messages at the end of the manual app update flow to inform you about the state of your update.

  • Withdrawal to PayPal for Stores
    If you're a Store/Influencer, now you have the option to withdraw funds to your PayPal account with a minimum amount required of 1,000 USD.

  • More filters on the Balance page of the Stores' Console
    We've added a filter to see the transactions per debit or credit on the Balance page of the Stores' Console. We've also adjusted the position of the date filter to be easier to understand.

And that's all for this release. We'll keep you posted!

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