Yugi Release

As Yugi believes in the power of the cards to defeat his enemies, so we believe in the power of free app distribution. With such power, we bring you a new store: Transsion. This store belongs to a Chinese original equipment manufacturer with a huge presence in Africa.

More improvements and bug fixes:

  • Stores landing page updates
    We've improved the content of the Stores landing page to give you more info about what we have to offer. You can check it out here.

  • New illustrations
    We've updated all illustrations on our portal pages to better reflect the current values and services offered by Catappult. You can see some of them in our Homepage.

  • New activity map on Reach More page
    Now on the Reach More page in our Portal, you'll see an updated map illustrating our users from around the world. Check it out here.

  • Easy to understand figures and values
    We've adjusted the way numbers are displayed in our Developers' Console. Now the format of numbers adapts to your browser's language so you can easily distinguish millions, thousands, and decimals.

  • Improved app bundle upload
    Now when you submit an app with an APK and splits, we'll let you know if you've missed any split type that is necessary for the normal functioning of the app.

  • Improved Wallet page on Store's Console
    We've added a feature for you to see the in-app revenue and user acquisition revenue over a specific period of time.

  • Quick links on the blog Cowboys and Developers
    Now on the Cowboys and Developers blog, you can view a list of all articles published on the blog, by clicking on the link in the menu. We've also added a link in the footer to all articles related to Catappult.

And that's all for this release. We'll keep you posted!

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