What are the app screenshots and app icon requirements?

The screenshots of your app must have a resolution of at least 640x384px and a maximum of 1280x800px. Each file size should not exceed 5 MB.

The app icon must have a resolution of 512x512px and each file size should not exceed 5 MB. To upload it, click on the default image and select a new icon. After uploading the icon, click on the "save" button.

What should I use for the Android package ID, signature and vercode of my app (PSV)?

  • Package ID: same as in other app stores (e.g. “com.example.myapp”).
    The same Package ID of other stores (e.g. Google Play) is important to ensure that users will not get the same app installed twice on their devices. Two icons on the same device lead to a bad user experience and the removal of the two.

  • Developer's signature: the same as in other app stores.
    The developer signature has to be the same to ensure no error occurs when the user updates the app. Error message to avoid: "Installation failed since the device has an application with the same package but a different signature.”

  • Vercode: higher than other app stores.
    Just add an extra digit - different than 0 - on the left (e.g. vercode 573 would become 1573). This will avoid automatic upgrades by Google Play Store, which is the default option for Android devices. Automatic updates lead to different payment experiences and thus, compromise IAP monetization.

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