Google Play Game Services

To authorize Google Play Game Services to work with Catappult, you must add new credentials to your published app from your Google Play dashboard following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Google Play Console account here.
  2. Click on "All Apps" on the left side menu.
  1. Choose the app you want to enable the integration for.
  1. Scroll down on the left side menu to find the "Play Games Services" and click on "Configuration".
  1. Click on the "Add credential" option.
  1. Select "Android" and insert the exact same "Name" of the app you’re integrating with Catappult in-app purchase.
  1. Scroll down and set the anti-piracy option to "Off". This is mandatory so that the end user can download your app through the Catappult ecosystem.
  1. Click on "Create OAuth client".
  1. Click once more on "Create OAuth client" to go to the Google Cloud Platform.
  1. Here is where you are going to create a new client ID to associate to Catappult.
  1. Select "Android" as your application type.
  1. Choose a "Name" that helps you identify this Client Id as the one for Catappult and insert the same "Package name" as you have on Google Play.
  1. For the "SHA-1 certificate fingerprint" paste your "Google API" key obtained from How to get my Google API key, and click on "Confirm".
  1. Click on "Create".
  1. You have Successfully linked your Client ID.
  1. Click on "Review and publish" on the top-right-corner to activate your changes.
  1. Complete your setup by clicking on "Publish".

That’s it! Google Play Game Services are now enabled for your app in Catappult.