In-App Payments

How do I integrate AppCoins Catappult billing system?

You have 4 different technical options:

(1) Catappult Automatic Migrator: the migrator is a tool that wraps your APK without the need for the developer to do nothing. The APK catches existent Billing calls and routes it to Catappult Android services in the wallet. This approach is the preferential because it demands less effort and ensure continuous updating. To apply you APK to the Migrator, you just need to upload it to Catappult console. If the Migrator is not able to do the job for your, it fails back to a manual flow where you can upload an APK modified by you. If you do "IAP server side checks", verify Migrator documentation.

(2) Unity Distribution Platform (UDP): Catappult signed a strategic deal with Unity. From the Unity editor, you can build and submit your APK direct to Catappult. More information: Unity UDP.

(3) Catappult IAP SDK: if you are not using Unity, you are probably using components like IabHelper or Prime31 to implement Billing integration. These components are associated with an AIDL file and are responsible to managing the billing requests though helper classes and methods (e.g. "isBillingSupport", "getSkuDetails", "getBuyIntent",...). In this case, you will need to replace the AIDL file, as well perform small changes as described in IAP docs.

(4) Catappult one-step payment: in this approach, you just need to build the URL with desired parameters (price, description,...) and calling that URL to process the payment. A simple approach that works. Check One-Step Payment quickstart page.

How do I get paid for the purchases made in my app?

You'll always get paid in AppCoins (APPC) in your wallet and you can withdraw these funds at any time. To convert them into fiat currency you'll have to transfer them to your favorite exchange's wallet (like Binance) and then convert them into your preferred fiat currency.

Can the end user make payments with methods other than APPC?

Yes, end users can still make payments with their bank cards or other payment solutions, using fiat currency. Please remember that these funds will be converted and transferred into your wallet in APPC.

I want to provide to my app users a subscription plan. Is that possible?

At the moment Catappult and the Appcoins protocol are not supporting monetisation through subscription models. We have plans to support subscription model in the future.

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