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RECOMMENDED: Automatic SDK Integration

The Automatic SDK integration consists on the automatic integration of the SDK on the app and requires no effort from the developer.

We recommend the automatic integration for developer with apps in Google Play that have IAP. This method is preferable because it ensures continuous updates.

Getting Started

To start using Catappult Automatic integration navigate to "Add App" button on your back office and insert your apps Google Play URL.

You will need to confirm if the app retrieved by our system is the correct one. If the app is correct, click on "YES, IT IS" to confirm.

Check if the email address is correct, as an email will be sent to it for the final steps.

To complete the process, follow the steps provided on your email. You can also certify your app via other methods. Get to know more here.

If you have social logins or IAP validators take a look on the links.

Catappult takes between one to seven days to complete the SDK integration. Once completed, you will be notified by email.

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RECOMMENDED: Automatic SDK Integration

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