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Automatic SDK Integration (Recommended)

Automatic: To make it easy to use Catappult in-app purchase, Catappult developed the Automatic SDK integration - Catappult does it for you!
Automatic integration consists of Catappult integrating the SDK automatically on the app, without any effort from the developer. This option is our recommended integration method for all developers with apps in Google Play and with an in-app purchase that prefers to do other things besides integrating SDKs. This approach is preferential because it demands less effort and ensures continuous updating.

Getting Started

To start using Catappult Automatic integration navigate to "Add App" button on your back office and insert your apps google play URL.

Confirm if the app we encountered is the correct one and if so go ahead clicking on "yes, it is" button

After, check if the email address is correct since an email will be sent for it to finish the steps.

To complete the process, just click on the email received or alternatively certify your app via any additional way as shown here.

If you have social logins or IAP validators take a look on these pages.

Typically Catappult takes between a day and a week to complete the SDK integration and once it is completed, we’ll notify you via email!

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Automatic SDK Integration (Recommended)

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