Submission Process

All the information you need about the submission process. There are three different submission forms that vary according to your app's characteristics.

The process of submitting apps on Catappult is quite simple.
You can start by submitting, one at a time, by following the below steps:

  1. Click on My Apps in the main menu.
  2. Click on the Add App button.
  3. Provide either the Google Play link of your app or the package name.
  4. Fill in the requested information.

You can also add an app by clicking here.

Depending on where your app is available and if it has in-app purchases (IAPs), you will have a different form to fill in when submitting your app on Catappult. There are three different flows of submission:

PSV submission flow

If your app is available on Google Play and has IAPs, you will have to fill out the PSV submission form.
After clicking on Add App, select "yes" when answering if your app is available on Google Play and paste your app's Google Play link.


When you click next, we will fetch all your app's information. All you have to do is confirm the information is correct.


After confirming it is your app, you will be redirected to the submission form. Here, all your metadata will already be filled out and all you have to do is confirm it is all correct.


Once you finish confirming that all your information is correct, you will have information about the PSV Formula (to know more about this, click here). To help you ensure that your apps are being distributed in as many stores as possible, we suggest that you use the PSV submission method. For more information on what this is, click here.

Then, you will be able to fill out your billing information. Please note that you will need to implement our billing method, One-Step Payment (OSP), in order to distribute apps with IAPs on Catappult. For more information on how to implement OSP, you can click here.


Finally, all there is left to do is upload your file, certify your app and click Submit App.
Please note that if you use Google Play's signature, you will need to get the APK file from your Google Console and implement OSP there before uploading your app. To know how to get your APK from Google Play with their signature, click here.


Google Play link flow

If your app is available on Google Play and does not have any IAPs, all you need to do is:

  • paste your app's Google Play link after clicking on Add App;
  • confirm the app fetched is the correct one;
  • check the email you receive in your email box.
803803 800800 617617

Organic submission flow

If your app is not available on Google Play, you will have to fill out the organic flow. After clicking on Add App, select "no" when answering if your app is available on Google Play and then write your app's package name.


After clicking next, you will be able to see the organic form.
The questions you have to answer and fields you have to complete are the following:

  • Do you distribute your app in other stores? - these are all the stores where your app is available besides Google Play;
  • Does your app have in-app purchases? - if your app has any IAPs, before submitting your app, you have to implement the OSP billing method;
  • Public key;
  • Your wallet address;
  • Upload your files - we accept APK, OBB, or SPLITS;
  • To confirm the ownership of your app - here you will have to certify your app via the Sign APK method (for more information, click here), which consists in downloading the blank APK, signing it, and then uploading the signed APK;
  • App information and media: Category, Age Rating, Support Email Address, Website, Privacy Policy URL, YouTube Video URL, Feature Graphic - all the fields must be filled out;
  • Languages: Title, Description, Release Notes, Screenshots - we ask you to please add the description and media for all your app languages.

After filling in all this information, you can submit your app for review.


Do I need to fill out all the information before submitting my app?
Yes. All fields are mandatory. If you do not fill out all fields, the submit button won't activate and you won't be able to submit your app.

My app has IAPs but they are not activated, can I submit my app without integrating your billing method?
No. Even if they are temporarily unavailable or you wish to enable them later, you will still need to integrate our billing method. Your app's purchases need to either be fully functional and with OSP or removed completely.