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How to reach more users


Intermediation and attribution fraud have significantly decreased the efficiency of user acquisition. User Acquisition in Catappult changes the way developers reach end users. By using Blockchain-based proof-of-attention (PoA), developers can make sure users actually install and spend 2 minutes in their app, instead of just collecting attributions. On the other hand, users get rewarded for these 2 minutes, being duly justified by transparent rules in the Blockchain. Just log in to your account and create a campaign here.


  • Reward users for really using your app, and these rewards can only be spend in in-app purchases.
  • Using Proof-of-Attention (PoA) concept introduced by the AppCoins Protocol, Catappult User Acquisition system ensures that users pay at least 2 minutes in your app.
  • You can verify each attribution individually thanks to the system being built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain network.
  • The AppCoins Wallet (available in Aptoide and Google Play) is used to process the Proof-of-Attention in a neutral and secure way.

Updated 4 months ago

How to reach more users

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