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In-app purchase validators

In this section, we go through the steps needed if you want to validate transactions. There are two major ways of doing this:

  • Through a local check
  • Through a remote check (relying on server to server communication)

Both ways will be thoroughly described in the following sections.

Check through public key validation

Many developers add an extra step of security and only confirm the in-app purchase after verifying the transaction against their credentials. This verification, made with a unique public key, is a milestone towards validating the integrity of the purchase.

To know more about this type of check please go to this page

Server to Server Check

To perform a server to server check, your app needs to send the purchase data to your server that in turn needs to contact ours and send that same data for validation. This process encompasses work on two separate fronts:

  • the client code (that will send the purchase data to your server and deal with its response)
  • the server code (that will receive your client's data, relay it to our servers, wait for a reply and relay it back to the client)

To know more about this type of check please go to this page

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In-app purchase validators

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