Console Overview


Catappult Dashboard

The Catappult Console is where the developer manages everything related to their apps. Bellow, all the information regarding what can be found on the console is shown and explained.

Also, in this section of our documentation, you can read more about specific functionalities, which are:

My Apps

You can manage everything about your apps in the "My Apps" menu. Here, you have a list of all the apps you have on your console and access to your app's API Keys.

App Details

You can access the App view menu by going to the "My App" menu and clicking on the app you wish to see. Here, you can quickly access other menus such as your app's "In-App Products" or "Statistics" menus.

You can also see other information regarding distribution, like the app's versions and their status, and also see and manage the app's distribution by country and partner store.
When adding and removing partner stores in the "Distribution Partners" section, what changes is whether our partners are able to get your app from Catappult or not. Also, this management is done by app and not on a version level.

App Version Details

You can access the "App Version Details" via the "App View" menu. When in "App View", scroll down to the "Versions" section and click on the version you wish to check.

Here, you will be able to see and update your app's information.


Select the "Drafts" filter in the "My Apps" menu to check all your applications that are still missing submission.


In case you first conclude the submission of your apps without setting ownership, you must prove ownership of your apps right after. While waiting for you to set ownership, your apps will show as Pending. You can check all your pending apps by clicking on the "Pending" filter in the "My Apps" menu.

Distributed / Undistributed

Once your apps are approved and ready to be distributed, you will find them as "Distributed" or "Undistributed".

If your app is being distributed, the app status will appear as such. If you wish to stop the distribution of an approved app:

  1. Enter the "App View" menu, by clicking on "Details"
  2. Scroll down to the "Versions" section and click on "Details" to go to the "App Version Details" of the app version you wish to undistribute.
  3. Deselect "Distributed".


Can I remove or delete my apps?
The removal of apps from Catappult is still not available. Nonetheless, you can move an app to "undistributed". Please note that if you do not prove ownership of your app, it will not be visible to the public.
If your app is still on drafts, you can delete the draft by going to the "My Apps" menu, filtering for drafts, and clicking on the trash bin.

How will the revenue of my app's IAP be paid?
The revenue from IAPs will be paid by Catappult in USD, corresponding to the equivalent amount of the purchase, converted to that moment’s exchange rate.