Testing your in-app purchases

To distribute apps with in-app purchases (IAPs) on Catappult, your app needs to have our billing solution implemented. There are 2 different solutions to choose from:

After implementing either of these billing solutions, you will need to test your app's in-app purchases and see if the integration is working correctly. For this reason, we have developed a gift card system so you can have testing funds to make purchases on your app.

To test your app's IAPs, you will need to request a gift card on your Developer Console and use that to make a regular purchase on your app. If you are able to make the purchase, receive the item correctly, and no error occurs, you have successfully integrated our billing solution!

To access the gift cards menu, go to My Apps > Manage Gift Cards.

In this menu, you will be able to request a gift card and see all generated gift cards along with their status.
To submit a request, click on "Request Gift Card", fill out all the information required, and click on "Request". All fields are mandatory.


You can also make the request while on the app submission form.

The amount requested has to be between 1 USD and 50 USD.
The amount requested can only be used in the app referred on the "App Package Name" field.
On the "Reason" field, you should state exactly how many purchases you wish to make on your app and the value for each of them. You can only redeem the gift card once.