Testing your in-app purchases

To distribute apps with in-app purchases (IAPs) on Catappult, your app needs to have our billing solution implemented. There are two different solutions to choose from:

After implementing either of these billing solutions, you'll need to test your app's in-app purchases and see if the integration is working correctly. For this reason, we have developed a gift card system so you can have testing funds to make purchases on your app.

Requesting a gift card

To test your app's IAPs, you'll need to request a gift card on your Developer Console and use those test funds to make a regular purchase on your app. If you are able to make the purchase, receive the item correctly, and no error occurs, you have successfully integrated our billing solution!

To access the Gift Cards menu, go to My Apps > Gift Cards.

In this menu, you will be able to request a gift card and see all generated gift cards along with their status.
To submit a request, click on "Request Gift Card", fill out all the information required, and click on "Request". All fields are mandatory. After you click on Request, the gift card request will be sent for review.


You can also make the request while on the app submission form.

The amount requested has to be between 1 USD and 100 USD. Also, it can only be used in the app referred to in the "App Package Name" field.
On the "Reason" field, you should state how many purchases you wish to make on your app and the value for each of them. This information is necessary to evaluate if the gift card request can be approved or not.


Gift card request are always reviewed by Catappult

Eevery gift card request is analyzed by our Quality Assurance team to check if all the requested information is filled out and compliant. After reviewing the gift card request, it can either be approved or rejected.

Redeeming a gift card

The gift card needs to be redeemed on the AppCoins Wallet app using a new Wallet address to use the test funds.

To create a new Wallet address:

  • Access the AppCoins Wallet;
  • Go to the Wallet's setting by clicking on the dented wheel on the top right side of the screen;
  • Click on "Manage Wallet";
  • On the right side, next to "Manage Wallet", click on the 3 dots > "New Wallet";
  • Give a name to the new Wallet > click on "Submit".

You can only redeem the gift card once. You can redeem different gift cards in the same Wallet.


Always create a new Wallet when testing a different app

Whenever testing begins for a new app (different package name), a new wallet has to be created. This new wallet has to be used exclusively for testing on the app stated in the gift card request (the package name filled out on the β€œApp package name” field). After 90 days since its creation, the wallet is automatically blocked.

For example, if a new Wallet is created to test purchases on the app com.example.game1, all gift card requests to test this app need to be redeemed in this newly created Wallet. Later on, if you need to test in-app purchases for an update of this same app, it is not necessary to create a new Wallet.

After creating the new Wallet, to redeem the gift card, use the following process:

  • Access the AppCoins Wallet;
  • On the bottom-right side of the screen, click on "Rewards";
  • Swipe to the side in the middle of the screen and click on "Gift Card";
  • Insert the bonus key (a twelve-length combination of numbers and letters) and click on "Got It";
  • Once the gift card is redeemed, the amount will be immediately available in your Wallet.

Testing in-app purchases

After redeeming your code, you can test the in-app purchases inside the app by following these steps:

  • Choose the item you want to buy on your app;
  • Choose AppCoins Credits to proceed with the purchase.

Once the purchase is completed, a pop-up message saying the purchase is Done will be displayed on your screen.

To confirm that your in-app purchases went through successfully, access the Wallet on the top menu bar on your Catappult Console and check if you can see the purchase you just made. Also, check on your app if the item was received.


The test transactions made successfully are later reverted

The transactions made using the created test Wallet and with test funds are all reverted automatically every 15 minutes. Therefore, if a purchase is made and later it disappears, it is because of our internal IAP testing system.