Testing your in-app purchases (Sandbox environment)

To distribute apps with in-app purchases (IAPs) on Catappult, your app needs to have our billing solution implemented. There are two different solutions to choose from:

After implementing either of these solutions, you'll need to test your app's IAPs and see if the integration is working correctly. For this reason, we have developed a Sandbox environment for you to test IAPs.

To test your app's IAPs, you'll need to:

  1. Download the AppCoins Wallet app.
  2. (Optional) Create a new Wallet address used exclusively for testing.
  3. Add your testing Wallet address to the Sandbox menu on the Developer Console.
  4. Use that testing Wallet address to make purchases on your app.


It is mandatory to have ownership of the app to be able to use the Sandbox environment

To be able to see the Sandbox environment on the AppCoins Wallet and test your app's in-app purchases, it is mandatory that you have ownership of your app on Catappult.

Only after you add your app to the account and successfully prove ownership of your app you'll be able to see the Sandbox environment (displayed as a payment method on the AppCoins Wallet). To see how to do this, click here.

(Optional) Creating a testing Wallet address

After downloading the AppCoins Wallet app, you will already have a default main Wallet address attributed to you. However, If you want to, it is possible to have a Wallet address specifically dedicated to testing.

To create a new Wallet address:

  • Access the AppCoins Wallet;
  • Go to the Wallet's Settings menu by clicking on the dented wheel on the top right side of the screen;
  • Click on "Manage Wallet";
  • On the right side, next to "Manage Wallet", click on the 3 dots > "New Wallet";
  • Give a name to the new Wallet > click on "Submit".

Using the Sandbox environment

To access the Sandbox menu, go to your Catappult Developer Console and click on My Apps > Sandbox.

In this menu, you will be able to add your Wallet address dedicated to testing, see all Wallet addresses added to the account, and manage them.

To add a new Wallet address for testing, click on "Add", paste the Wallet address dedicated to testing in the Sandbox environment, and click on "Add".


The "Added" column in the Sandbox menu refers to when the Wallet address was added to the Catappult account. The "Expiration" column says when the Wallet address will automatically be set as inactive. Finally, the "Active" column is where you can toggle and change if a specific Wallet address can use the Sandbox environment or not.


30 days after being added to the Sandbox menu, the Wallet address is automatically set as "Inactive"

When the Wallet address is added on the Sandbox menu, it will be set as "Active" on the toggle so it can be used on the Sandbox environment. After 30 days, this toggle will automatically change and the testing Wallet address will be set as "Inactive".

When it is inactive, the Wallet address becomes a regular Wallet and it is not possible to use it on the Sandbox environment. To be able to use it again for testing, you need to change the toggle again to "Active".

It is possible to see when the Wallet address will be automatically set as inactive by looking at the date on the "Expiration" column.

Alternatively, you can access the Sandbox menu while on the app submission form.


Login Confirmation needs to be configurated to use the Sandbox environment

Please note that in order to use the Sandbox environment to test your app's in-app purchases, the Login Confirmation needs to be configurated and active. To see how to do this, click here.

Testing in-app purchases

After adding the Wallet address on Catappult, you can test the in-app purchases inside the app by following these steps:

  • Choose the item you want to buy on your app;
  • Scroll down and choose Sandbox option to proceed with the purchase.

Once the purchase is completed, a pop-up message saying the purchase is done will be displayed on your screen. To confirm that your in-app purchases went through successfully, access the Wallet on the top menu bar on your Catappult Console and tick the "Only display sandbox transactions" option:

There, you will be able to see the list of transactions made in the Sandbox environment and see the purchase you just made. Also, check on your app if the item was received.

If you can make the purchase, receive the item correctly, and no error occurs, you have successfully integrated our billing solution!