In-App Purchases Integration

At Catappult, there are two different ways to integrate your billing: One-Step Payment (OSP) or Native Android SDK.

For the SDK billing solution, you can follow our guide to know how to implement it:

For OSP, depending on how you developed your app, the following guides are available with all the information you may need:

Native Android SDK

The Native Android SDK employs a client that communicates with the AppCoins Wallet, retrieving the requested products from Catappult and processing their purchase. This method, similar to the one used in Google Play, is considered the traditional approach. While it may take a bit longer to implement, currently offers a broader range of features, including subscriptions and local validation.

One-Step Payment (OSP)

The One-Step Payment (OSP) method involves launching the AppCoins Wallet app via an URL to handle the payment process and inform your system about the specific item to provide to the end-user (after validation). This approach is comparatively simpler and requires less time for integration. However, it is important to note that OSP does not yet support subscriptions and local validation.

Native Android SDKOne-Step Payment (OSP)
Similar to Google PlaySimilar to Alipay
14 hours for the full integration10 hours for the full integration
Supports in-app purchases and subscriptionsSupports in-app purchases (subscriptions coming soon)
Supports remote and/or local validationSupports remote validation

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum gradle plugin version is 3.0.1.
  • Minimum build tools version is 26.0.1.
  • The Android minimum API Level to use SDK is 33 (Android 13).