iOS App Submission

Distribution on Alternative Marketplaces

To distribute your app through an alternative app marketplace, please review and sign the Alternative EU Terms Addendum to the Developer Program License Agreement.
Following the acceptance of the terms, we provide the steps to start distributing to Aptoide’s alternative marketplace.

Access your Developer ID

  1. On the top right of any App Store Connect page, click your name, then click Edit Profile.
  2. Under your team name, find the Developer ID and click Copy.
  3. Give this ID to the marketplace developer so they can generate and give you a marketplace token.

Add a Marketplace

  1. From Users and Access, under Integrations, click Marketplace.

  2. Click the add button (+) to add a new marketplace. If it’s your first time adding a marketplace, click Add Marketplace.

  3. The Marketplace Distribution section appears with one marketplace added.

  4. Enter the marketplace token given to you by the marketplace and click Next.

    Enquire the team for this token when necessary.

  5. Select the apps you want to make eligible for distribution on this marketplace and click Next.

  6. Select whether you want Apple to notify this marketplace when there are certain changes to your apps — for example, when a new alternative distribution package is generated — and click Add.

For further details, refer to Managing Distribution on an Alternative App Marketplace and Apple's Documentation on App Distribution.

Distribute your Apps

To distribute an application through Aptoide we'll need the Alternative Distribution Package ID for the latest version of your app.

  1. From My Apps, select your app. The page opens with the Distribution tab selected.
  2. In the sidebar, click History.
  3. Find the Alternative Distribution Package ID field next to an eligible app version.

For more information, refer to Get an alternative distribution package ID.

Distributing on Aptoide

  1. We will create a Catappult account for each developer at This process requires only a valid email address.
  2. Within Catappult, our team will register your apps. During this process, we may request metadata such as icons, descriptions, and screenshots.

(We are currently enhancing this workflow to provide developers with more control over app submission and management).

Enabling In-App Purchases

After registering your app to catappult, your app is ready to accept our billing integration.

  1. Provide skus for each product’s registration, following the structure presented below.

    SkuThe name of the product (aka SKU) being bought. It can only have lowercase letters, numbers, underscores (_) and periods (.)
    TitleProduct Title to be displayed
    PriceProduct price in EUR

    On this first stage our team will associate the sku list to the registered app, please provide a spreadsheet with all skus.

  2. Implement our iOS Billing Integration.