App Statistics


In this menu, Catappult Dashboard, you have a broad view of your account. You can see general app statistics, wallet balance, and other information about your account. The dashboard gives you a general view of your account to help you track the performance and manage your app(s).



The Statistics tool provides a clear comparison of your app(s) performance through different key performance indicators. Based on the package name of the app, the tool retrieves information such as the number of downloads, sales, and transactions of the app.

You can analyze the information more specifically via the implemented filters, such as by timeframe, partners, or country. This applies to both Downloads and Sales.

All the information displayed can be exported to a CSV file. The information on the file will be according to the filters applied in the menu.

Statistics API

Besides being able to view your app statistics by accessing your Developer Console, you can also access our statistics API to get information about your apps.
There are two available services:

  • Top - This service is designed to retrieve data in a top format (downloads or revenue), providing you with access to the most relevant or popular information within a specified category or criteria (click on the link to see how to use it).
  • Chart - This service facilitates the retrieval of statistical information (downloads or revenue) within a designated time frame and presents the data in a graphical format, typically a chart (click on the link to see how to use it).

To access the above services, you need to authenticate with an API key (to see how to do this, click here).