In case you log out of your Catappult account or need to access it using a different device, you will need to log into your account using the credentials defined when registering on Catappult.

To log in, click on the "Login" button at the top of Catappult's homepage:

After clicking on the "Login" button, you will be redirected to the login page, where you will be able to write your information (email address and password) or use one of the login services provided.


The login services can only be used if the account was created using one of them

Please note that to use Facebook login or Google login, you need to have an account created with either of these services. If, for example, the account was created using by setting up an email address and password, it will not be possible to start logging in Facebook.

Using the alternative login services

When creating a Catappult account, it is possible to use either your Facebook information or your Google Play information to create an account. When one of these two options is chosen to create an account, from that moment on, the login needs to be done using these services.

After clicking on either the Facebook login button or the Google login button, a popup will appear where you will need to log into the chosen service to enter your Catappult account.

By using one of the services, you are able to have an account on Catappult with the same credentials you use on the chosen service.


I use a Facebook login and I can't log into my account, an error always occurs. What do I do?
When you log in using the Facebook service, the Facebook popup window opens. If we click on "continue with [your Facebook name] account" the login is done.
However, if you click on "edit access" and remove the email address permission, it is impossible to do the login. After this permission is removed, an error will occur:

When this happens, it is necessary to go on Facebook, remove Catappult's permissions entirely, and try to log in to Catappult again. When trying again, do not remove the email address permission, or else the error will happen again.

I forgot my password. What can I do?
You can reset your password by clicking on Forgot your password? in the login area. You can also click here to reset your password.