In-App Products

Managing In-App Products

If your app has any IAPs, the billing integration has to be done using our billing solution, One-Step Payment (OSP) or SDK.


SDK will allow you to manage your products on your console. Your In-app Products can be managed either manually or automatically. In addition, integrating our Native SDK solution will allow you to have and manage subscription-based in-app purchases. For more information, please refer to the following pages:


If you integrated the OSP billing method, managing your app's In-App Products is done by changing them directly on OSP's URL and also in your console (see the links above on how to manage your products in the console). Because these are set when the URL is created, we kindly ask you to refer to our documentation on this subject to see how to change your product's prices in the URL:


I implemented One-Step Payment (OSP) and I wish to change the prices only on the console, is that ok?
No. Please note that when OSP is implemented, you must change the prices in the URL and in your Catappult console. If you only change them in your Console, purchases won't be working properly so your users won't be able to make any.