Prove ownership of your app

Proving ownership of your app is the process used to determine if the developer owns the app they are trying to submit. On Catappult, this process is performed differently depending on where your app is available.

If your app is on Google Play

In case your app is available on Google Play, your app's Google Play support email address will be used.

  • In case you register on Catappult using the same email address as your app's Google Play support email address, Catappult will check the email address's legitimacy and validate the ownership of the app automatically.
  • If you create your account on Catappult using a different email address from the one you are using as your app's Google Play support email address, you will receive in your app's Google Play support email address confirmation email with a link. Please note that this link is valid for a short period of time.


Please make sure you have access to your app's Google Play support email address.

If your app is not on Google Play

When filling out your app's submission form on the developer console, two steps will need to be taken to prove ownership of your app:

  • Fill out and submit the Application Ownership Request form;
  • Sign the blank APK using the same signature as the APK you are trying to submit.

Application Ownership Request

The Application Ownership Request is a form that has to be filled out with information about you/your company and your app to prove ownership of it.

After the form is submitted, it will go under review by our team. If accepted, the ownership of the app will be given to the account that submitted the form. For the Application Ownership Request form to be reviewed, you will need to have a paid Catappult subscription.

Sign the blank APK

This process is done in the App Submission form in order to prove the ownership of the APK that is being submitted for our review. If this process is not done, it is not possible to submit the APK for our QA team to review.

All you need to do is:

  • Download the blank APK;
  • Sign the blank APK with your keystore;
  • Upload the signed blank APK.

The signature must match the one on the app you are trying to certify. You can check for more information here.