About Catappult

The new way to distribute and monetize Android apps. Reach millions of new users in multiple app stores.


Catappult is a subscription service designed to help developers distribute apps across multiple stores that are a part of the Catappult community, such as Aptoide, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo stores.

The app distribution process with Catappult is designed to be simple and efficient. It requires low coding effort from the developer's side while reaching a great number of users in multiple app stores.

Furthermore, by integrating your apps with the Catappult in-app billing solution you can:

  • Get featured and be a top priority on search results;
  • Expand store distribution reach among our partner stores;
  • Benefit from the payout rate of up to 85% for in-app purchases.

For more information about our billing solution, click here.