About Catappult

The new way to distribute and monetize Android apps. Reach millions of new users in multiple app stores.


Catappult is a subscription service designed to help developers distribute apps across multiple stores that are a part of the Catappult community, such as Aptoide, Xiaomi, and Oppo stores.

The app distribution process with Catappult is designed to be simple and efficient. It requires low coding effort from the developer's side while reaching a great number of users in multiple app stores.

Furthermore, by integrating your apps with the Catappult in-app billing solution you can:

  • Get featured and be a top priority on search results;
  • Expand store distribution reach among our partner stores;
  • Benefit from the payout rate of up to 90% for in-app purchases.

Integration process

Distributing your app with Catappult is a fairly simple process. It starts with creating an account on Catappult, where you can already start the submission process in case your app is available on Google Play.
After creating an account, we advise you to check our documentation to see what the Catappult Console has to offer and what are the requirements - for example, Catappult's subscription.

Then, you should be able to start adding apps to your account. When an app is added, it is required that developers prove ownership of it. This process is necessary for us to be able to distribute your app(s). After this, it is time to implement one of our billing solutions - which only applies if your app has in-app purchases. It is possible to choose between One-Step Payment (OSP) or our Native Android Billing SDK.

Then, you should be ready to fill out the submission form. If your app is on Google Play, all there is left to do is check if all the metadata is correct - we fetch it all from Google Play so you don't have to do anything! - and upload your app files. Always make sure you meet the PSV requirements before hitting Submit.

After clicking on Submit, we review your app to make sure it complies with our requirements. You can check our app restriction list here. If it is accepted, your app will go live!

If in the meantime there are any questions, check the rest of our documentation or contact us at [email protected].