The app distribution process with Catappult is designed to be simple and efficient. By using Catappult services, you are able to distribute apps across multiple partner stores that are a part of the Catappult community, such as Aptoide, Xiaomi, and Oppo stores. With this, your apps will reach millions of users all around the world.

To ensure your apps are distributed in as many app stores as possible, you can follow a few guidelines to help increase the chance of having your app distributed in more stores. For more information on what these are, click here.

To take a look at our partners, click here.

Distribution channels

On the Catappult Developer Console, you can choose if your app is available for distribution on the several Distribution Channels available. You can access this by clicking on My Apps and then on a specific app to see the App Details menu.

When you choose the Distribution Channel, you are authorizing our partners to come and get your app from Catappult after it is reviewed and accepted.


How can I distribute my apps in all possible stores?
When Catappult approves your app it is also available for the stores to distribute. Each store has different criteria while reviewing and approving apps. So it ultimately depends on the stores to distribute your apps after Catappult approves them. However, to increase your chances of distributing your apps in as many stores as possible, we advise you to follow our PSV Requirements. To know more about these requirements, click here.

Are there different app distribution requirements, for different stores?

In most of our stores, you have the option to distribute your apps using either Android App Bundles (AAB), APK files or OOB files. However, for GamesHub, you must deploy your application exclusively as a single universal APK.