Submission API

To allow developers to easily submit their apps on Catappult through their own CI/CD tools, we have developed a Catappult API which will send the APK directly to our team for review without having to fill out the submission form.


The API can only be used for apps available on Google Play.


Api-KeyObtained on the “Your account” section within the Developer’s Console (see how to get it here).


The body type should be Form Data. The possible parameters are listed below:

KeyDescriptionTypePossible valuesExamples
(mandatory) filesThe array of files to be submitted. Each file needs to be a different body parameter where the key is files.Files[]-Example one:
files: base.apk
files: split.apk

Example two:
files[0]: base.apk
files[1]: split.apk
(optional) billingMethodThe billing method is implemented on the submitted files. This only needs to be sent if the app has in-app purchasesStringcatappult-osp

billingMethod: catappult-osp


Success HTTP Status Code: 200