Revenue Share

The applicable revenue share when distributing your app via our partners is as follows:

EntityRevenue share
Aptoide Catappult10%
App Store10%
Certified Developer75%


Self-distribution opens the possibility for the developer to promote and distribute their apps through their own channels and earn a revenue share of 90%. The 15% that would go to our partners will be given to the developer, making the applicable revenue share as follows:

EntityRevenue share
Aptoide Catappult10%
Certified Developer90%

By using this distribution method, you will be able to distribute and promote your app through your own channel and be able to reach your users directly. With this, instead of receiving 75% for each in-app purchase, this percentage rises to 90%.

Using self-distribution

To use self-distribution, we provide you with a specific version of your app. For technical reasons, you will need to use this version generated by our platform.
To self distribute your APK:

  • Open your console;
  • Go to My Apps
  • At the top of the page, you will be able to toggle self-distribution "Enabled";
  • Go to the details of the Application you wish to self-distribute;
  • When in the "App view" page, scroll down to the "Versions" section;
  • Click on "details" of the version you wish to self-distribute;
  • Scroll down and, in the "Files" section, download the self-distribution APK and all the other files such as .obb or splits (if applicable).


If I activate self-distribution, do I always receive 90% of the in-app purchases' revenue?
No. If the user downloads your app using your own URL, you receive 90%. However, if the user downloads your app from Aptoide or one of our partner stores, you will receive 75% of the in-app purchases revenue.

What happens if I have any splits or .obb files?
If your app has any splits or .obb files, you have to download them separately, one by one, and be in charge of the distribution of those files.

Can I only have the self-distribution on and turn off the partner store distribution?
No. You can either distribute on our partner stores or, distribute on our partner stores and do self-distribution simultaneously. It is not possible to turn off the partner store distribution and use only the self-distribution.

I have updated my app, how can I distribute this new version?
When you update your app, you need to download the new version's APK and distribute that in your channel. When you go to the "Versions" section on the "App view" page, you will see the most recent update of your app and be able to download the APK by following the instructions above.