The gaming industry is growing and has achieved a value of upwards of 150 billion USD in 2020.
Cash-based skilled games are games in which multiple players pay an entry fee and compete for a money prize. eSkills is a platform that will alow and facilitate the integration of this types of games.


eSkills is a platform that facilitates the integration of Cash-Based skilled games.
We provide you 3 main features:

  • Payment system using appCoins payment system
  • Matchmaking system
  • Revenue share system

The Player's Flow

To participate a player must simply:

  • Register & pay for the entry fee.
  • Join a room.
  • Play to win!
  • Done! The players will receive the corresponding amount on their wallet.

The game can be time-based (e.g. who reaches the higher score in 2 minutes), score-based (e.g. the faster to score 2048), among others.

First Steps for Developers

Revenue Share

When an eSkills game is finished, revenue is distributed in the fallowing manner:

  • 75% of the prize to the winner
  • 15% of the prize to Catappult
  • 10% of the prize to the developer