Manual In-App Products

Your In-App Products can be managed manually through the Catappult console. They are managed in the In-App Products menu of a specific app and by selecting "Manual" at the top of the screen.


Click on "Add Product" to add no products to your app. Click directly on the product to check its details and edit information.

To upload the products to Catappult, you can use a CSV file (exported from Google Play or another app of yours on Catappult) or add each product manually. You can also export your products list and import it on another app if you wish to have the same products on different apps.

To import the CSV file, you can click on "Import CSV" in the upper section of the in-app products menu and upload it.
To add a product manually, click on "Add Products" in the upper section of the in-app products menu.


Fill out the information and click on "Add" to add a new product to your app.

Also, you can verify the list of taxes available for each country (that has taxes) and enable the use of taxes for your products. If the feature is ON, taxes will be applied on each purchase and the percentage will depend on where the purchase is being made. To check this list, click on "Check list" on the upper-left side of this section.

Different prices and currencies

The same product can have different prices and/or different currencies. This means that when editing a product you can set the retail price for each currency. To do this, click on the specific product to access its details.


Details page of a specific product. Here you can edit your product, add different prices and currencies, and activate/deactivate the product.

To add a new price and/or currency of a certain product, click on "Edit" on the details page of the product and then click on "Add price".


In the menu that pops up, you will be able to write down the price you want, and the currency and set it as the reference price if you wish to do so. After that

To edit an existing price, click on the pencil that appears next to the retail price:


Here, you will be able to edit the price, and the currency and change it if you want it as the reference price.


If the retail price for a specific currency is not specified, the charged amount for such currencies will be automatically converted from the reference price at the moment of purchase.
You can flag a price as a reference when editing any price, but you won't be able to delete a flagged price.


Is it possible to have different prices for the same currency on the same product?
No. The same product can have different currencies with the same price and different currencies with different prices. It is not possible to have different prices for the same currency or the same price and the same currency twice.