Submission Plug-ins

To make the submission process as quick and hassle-free as possible, we at Catappult created plug-ins you can use to directly submit your app for us to review.

The available Catappult submission plug-ins are:

  • Android Studio Plug-in
  • Fastlane Plug-in

Android Studio Plug-in


To install our plugin, download the most recent version of Android Studio and follow these steps:

  1. Open your Android Studio and go to File > Settings to open the settings.
  2. Select "Plugins", click on "Marketplace" and search for "Catappult Uploader".
  3. Click on "Install" to install our plug-in.

The plug-in will be located on the top bar inside the sub-menu Tools.


After clicking on "Catapult Uploader", the upload window will open:

To upload your app, paste your API Key on the top bar of the window. To know where to get it, you can follow this guide: How to get your API Key.

Then, select the files you need to upload (.apk and .obb) and click "Upload".

Fastlane Plug-in

To use the Fastlane plug-in, start by installing Fastlane in your project’s directory. To do this, run the following commands:

  • brew install fastlane
  • fastlane init

Then, install the Catappult plugin by running "fastlane add_plugin catappultuploader" command. To install all the plugin dependencies, add this two lines to your Gemfile:

  • gem "net-http-uploadprogress"
  • gem "ruby-progressbar"
    And then run "bundler install" command.

Create the Catappult lane
After the previous two instalations, create a new lane on the Fastfile to use the Catappult uploader. The "supply_folder" variable is optional, the default value is the release folder in the current Android Studio project.
Here is an example:

lane :catappult do






Run the lane
Now, you run "bundle exec fastlane catapult" and it is done.