Promo Code and Fund Management

Promo Code

If you have an active promo code, it will be available for you to see at the top of your dashboard page.

All information Aptoide stores about its users and transactions are encrypted and anonymous. However, in the first section of your Catappult Balance, we provide the following information:

  • Volume - Revenue in time, i.e. how much you are earning with your code throughout time;
  • Unique users - Number of unique users who are using your code to make purchases;
  • Transactions - Number of transactions users have made using your code.

You can filter this information by date and country.

Fund Management

You can check your account balance directly via your console. The account balance is available in the second section of your dashboard. It will also show the number of transactions and the volume of debits (withdrawals) and credits (payments) linked to your promo code. You can filter this information by type of transaction and period of time.

Withdrawing funds

You can withdraw from Catappult whenever you want if you comply with the minimum requirement of having at least 1,000 USD in your account balance.
To withdraw from your account, scroll down to your balance and click the “Withdraw Funds” button on your right. You should then insert the amount to withdraw, select the payment method, and add any information mandatory to process the payment (e.g. bank account number, PayPal account email address).
After completing the form and providing all the required information, you should be able to click “Withdraw”. You will receive a security code by email/text message to secure your request. Submit the code and your request will be completed. The approval process and payment take approximately 10 business days.

Payment methods

Currently, we have two different payment methods available, bank transfer and PayPal. Each has its own fees and minimum withdrawal amount, namely:

  • Bank Transfer: Fees apply, depending on the requested amount. The minimum amount to withdraw is 500 USD.
  • PayPal: No fees apply. The minimum amount to withdraw is 100 USD.


I have neither 100 USD or 500 USD available in my account. Can I still make a withdrawal request?
Yes, if your contract has come to an end.
As soon as your contract ends, you will be contacted by one of our Representatives with the details to make your withdrawal request. After the end date of the contract, no limits apply and you have 14 days to make your request, sign, and send back the mandatory documentation.
All mandatory documentation will be sent to you by one of our Representatives.

Are there any restrictions to withdraw from Catappult?
Yes. You need to have a minimum of 1,000 USD available in your account balance to make your first request.
Other limits apply depending on the payment method selected for the withdrawal, namely:

  • Bank transfer: minimum amount of 500 USD.
  • PayPal: minimum amount of 100 USD.
    These restrictions do not apply after your contract ends.