Automatic In-App Products

In-App Products on Catappult can be set automatically if the app is available on Google Play. As users make purchases on your app, the list of products will be automatically populated. Therefore, Catappult can fetch out the products and prices currently being sold at the reference price on Google Play, without any manual action.


This feature is only available if your app is on Google Play.

The list of products will be populated whenever a user purchases an item on your app that isn't on the list yet. When the item is added, you can deactivate and reactivate the product whenever you see fit. All you need to do is change the toggle under "Status".


Products are only fetched from Google Play once

When the Automatic In-app Products option is enabled, your app's products are fetched automatically but only if they aren't already present on Catappult. This implies that once a product is imported from Google Play initially, there won't be any further attempts to retrieve that specific product from Google Play again.

Different prices and currencies

The same product can have different prices and/or different currencies. Even if they are fetched from Google Play, it is possible for in-app products to be edited on the console. To do this, click on the price you want to change to open its details page. There, click on edit and you will be able to change the product's information, change a certain price, and edit or remove prices from the product.

To add a price, click on "Add price" at the bottom corner of the page.

In the menu that pops up, you will be able to write down the price you want, and the currency and set it as the reference price if you wish to do so.


Reference price

If the retail price for a specific currency is not specified, the charged amount for such currencies will be automatically converted from the reference price at the moment of purchase.
You can flag a price as a reference when editing any price, but you won't be able to delete a flagged price.

To edit an already existing price in a product, click on the note-and-pencil icon for the price you wish to change. Here, you will be able to edit the price, and the currency and change it if you want it as the reference price.