App Files

When submitting your app on Catappult, if it is not available on Google Play or is available on Google Play and has IAPs, you need to fill out our submission form and submit your app manually. This means you will need to upload app files when filling out the submission form.

When uploading your app on Catappult, if your app is available on Google Play, it is required that you use the same signature as the one you have in Google Play. For more information on why this is important, click here.
Therefore, if you use Google Play's signature, to download your APK with Google Play's signature, please follow the following guide: Download your app from Google Play Console.

Also, when submitting your app on Catappult, it is required that the file you upload is not an Android App Bundle (AAB/ .aab).
For this reason, we have a guide that explains how to extract the APKs you will need to publish your app on our platform in case you don't use Google Play's signature: Extract your app’s APKs from AAB file. To do this, you will be using the bundletool.