About AppCoins

What are AppCoins?

AppCoins is a cryptocurrency and protocol that brings blockchain technology to the two main flows of app distribution: in-app purchases and developers approval.

AppCoins redesign the transaction process of an app store. It allows greater payment efficiency by taking away intermediaries, redistributing value and creating incentives to leverage AppCoins supporting stores.

What can end users do differently with AppCoins?

AppCoins is an additional payment method, available for compatible app stores, that enables the end user to:

  • P2P transfers: Users can easily send AppCoins among each other. If one does not possess a credit card, one can get AppCoins from a family member or a friend's wallet, which enables to extend the app economy to everyone.

  • Same currency across multiple app stores: You can use AppCoins across all the app stores that support it. Let's make things easy.

  • Liquidity: You can buy or sell your AppCoins through exchanges. The virtual currency in some app stores cannot be sold, only bought.

What can AppCoins be used for?

AppCoin tokens can be used to obtain services on any app store that supports the AppCoins protocol as well as to reward users. Some examples:

  • Users can be rewarded with AppCoins by installing and using sponsored apps;

  • Developers can sell and users can buy digital goods using in-app billing.