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Social Logins

Social Logins: If you use Facebook login or Google play game services integration will require only 5 min of work to make your app compatible with Catappult. Check below the necessary steps to complete the process.

  • Facebook Login
  • Google Play Games Services

Please note that by using this integration method, you're enabling automatic updates of your APK. We'll do the update automatically once you publish a new version in other stores so users can enjoy the latest version of your app.

Facebook Login (if applicable)

To enable your Facebook login in your app, you must authorize and authentica your app by adding the provided custom Catappult SHA1 hash to your app configuration in your Facebook for Developers account:

  1. Log in to your Facebook for Developers account here.
  2. Click on My Apps menu and select Your App Name.
  1. Go to Settings and then Basic.
  1. Get your API Key from Catappult's backoffice.
  1. Copy your Facebook key.
  1. Go to the Android panel at the bottom of the page and add your Catappult Key to your Key Hash.
  1. Save changes.

That’s it, Facebook login is now enabled in your app in Catappult!

Google Play Games Services (if applicable)

To authorize Google Play Games Services to work with Catappult, you must link a new app to your published app from your Google Play dashboard following the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Google Play Console account here.
  2. Click on Games Service on the left side menu.
  1. Choose the app you want to enable the integration for.
  1. Go to Linked apps on the left side menu.
  1. Click on the Android option.
  1. Insert the exact same name of the app you’re integrating with Catappult in-app purchase – same package name as you have on Google Play.
  1. Scroll down and set the anti-piracy option to Off. This is mandatory so that the end user can download your app through Catappult ecosystem.
  1. Scroll up and click on Save and Continue.
  1. Click on Authorize your app now.
  1. Get your keys from the Catappult's backoffice.
  1. Copy your Google Key.
  1. Paste your Google Key, and click on Confirm.
  1. You have Successfully linked your Client ID.
  1. Click on Publishing on the left-side menu to activate your changes.
  1. Complete your set up by clicking on Publish your game.

That’s it! Google Play Games Services are now enabled for your app in Catappult.

Updated 2 months ago

Social Logins

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